I started taking photographs several decades ago when in my early teens and have never been able to stop since. The heavy expenditure of time, energy and money that serious photography requires have brought me more heartache than satisfaction, but it still seems magical and I see no alternative but to persevere.

My hope has always been to produce photographs that stand as ends in themselves - not statements about issues or enquiries or windows on the world but things to look at rather than through.

I have shown work in group exhibitions in galleries* that are seriously dedicated to art but until recently I have not produced a sizeable, coherent body of work that I would wish to show the wider world.


A person's prior experiences inevitably affect how he or she feels about a work of art. This includes knowledge he or she might have about how the work was created. My pictures are made with a film camera and darkroom. What you see are the products of straightforward and well established techniques for silver-based photography.

Images on a computer monitor are but ghostly intimations. In the case of the ones on this site, the tonal qualities of the original silver/gelatin prints are considerably degraded. Even more importantly, computer images have a very different presence - much diminished in my opinion - from a work mounted on a wall in a particular physical space.

In other words, the print's the thing.


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*including the following:

ArtsSway, Sway, Hampshire, UK
Winchester Gallery, Winchester, Hampshire, UK
Forest Arts, New Milton, Hampshire, UK
Photofusion, Brixton, London